Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dan Taylor Poll Results!

Well, the votes are in have spoken! No, i am not talking about super Tuesday...
Thank you all for participating in our fun little poll we had going on.

Here are the results to our question:
"What is Dan Taylor doing in this picture?"

1. Place with 48 % of the votes:
Waiving good-bye to his faithful fans as he attempts to swim to China to promote "i Believe"

2. Place with 30% of the votes:
Releasing secret gas bubbles due to heavy mexican food consumption.

3. Place with 12% of the votes:
"I love counting, two, three, four...."

4. Place with 7% of the votes:
Auditioning for a spot on C.S.I. Miami

Thanks for playing. We will come up with something new soon.
Greetings from Broken Arrow, OK.


P.S.: If you did not get the joke about "I love counting Jelly-fish" you should get the Axis Youth CD and listen to the hidden bonus track at the end of the will enjoy that.
the Axis Youth CD now!

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