Friday, February 1, 2008

Home again!

The first crusade of this year is history. And it was a wonderful start to, what we believe, the best year we have ever had so far. The last evening service was very strong. Pastor preached on Healing from his favorite passage in the Bible - "The woman with the issue of blood". He help build up people's faith during the sermon by having them confess "I shall be whole" over and over again. The healing line was one of the longest one i have seen in quite a while. Pastor ministered to all of them and we had instant manifestations. We will post some more pics and hopefully some video content as well.

The drive home was long - 26 hours and 45 mins to be exact. We got home Friday morning at 2:00 a.m. Thanks for everyone's prayers. We experienced God's protection on the road several times.

We got greeted by snow - in OKLAHOMA! Part of me want's to go back to warm Miami, but all of us are happy to be home with our families again.

Keep watching this blog as we will update it periodically with info about upcoming meetings as well as some coverage on Winter Bible Seminar 2008! The next cruasade will take us to California: Pomona, CA - March 3-5 and La Mesa, CA - March 6-8. If you are in these areas, make plans to see us there.

Until then, keep Pastor Ken & Lynette in your prayers as they travel all over the world to preach the Gospel to this generation.

God bless,

David Wildman

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