Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Miami Crusade – Day 4 (last day)

Wow, time has flown by on this first trip of 2008 – it has been a good start. The meetings have been exceptionally well and God showed up in mighty way. Today was no different. Mrs. Hagin’s focus this morning was on “praying for our country”. She pointed out that it is our responsibility as a body of Christ to pray for our country – if we fail to do that, we will be in trouble. Especially with the elections this year, it has never been more important to stand in the gap for our country. Just imagine what could be if the entire body of Christ in the US would do their part…there would be nothing holding us back, wouldn’t you agree?

This has been the big theme at this crusade: “Take your part”. Don’t try to do things God hasn’t told or anointed you to do…everyone has their part to play in the body of Christ. Don’t look at what you do as anything lesser than other’s responsibilities. You might “just” be someone who cleans the carpets in the church, or helps with children’s ministry – you have such a big part in what God is doing today.

Wednesday is also a time to meet up with our Word Partner Club members. It was a good time of fellowship and the Hagins shared some updates.

After the morning service we went for lunch and it was good to relax one more time before the evening service and “tear-down” comes around. I will probably not be able to blog right away tonight, since we will be packing up and heading back to Oklahoma immediately after end of the service. Please pray that tonight’s healing service will be well attended and that we will see a lot of healed people walk away tonight.

Please pray for the team, that we will be protected on the road and for Pastor and Mrs. Hagin as they are flying to the Virgin Islands to minister some more. Pray that they stay strong and healthy and that their obedience to God’s call will change countless lives.

Thanks for all the comments we received on this blog. It’s good to know that you are keeping up with us.
I think it is time to enjoy the warm weather and the pool one more time, before it goes back to snow and ice.

For the entire RHEMA Crusade Team.

David Wildman
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