Sunday, January 27, 2008

Miami Crusade off to a great start!

Well, here we go...the first crusade of 2008 is here.
Setup started after the traditional breakfast at a local IHOP (very popular in Florida). We had great help at "Words of Life" Church here in North Miami Beach and thanks to some creativity and flexibilty of our band, setup was very fast, because we decided to use the local church's drum-kit and keyboards.

The rest of the team came in safely and got settled in the Hotel, and then it went straight to church.
The service was great! After a time of Praise & Worship, Pastor Stan Moore greeted us and the congregation and encouraged everyone to soak everything in that God has in store for us in these coming days.

Pastor Hagin spoke on the subject of "God's promises", that they are more than enough and the importance to stand on them, even in the tough times. He said that it is interesting to see that some people only turn to God and His word when there are problems in there lives...when they could avoid getting into these problems in the first place, by staying in His word.
Pastor used a good comparison to a car...regular maintainance avoids costly repairs. So, look under the hood more often before you have a problem...

After the sermon passed called for several healing lines and the minstry was powerful. There were a few testimonies of instant manifestations. The healing line was following by an altar call which found good response.

After the service the team tended to their other duties on the road, such as helping out with the booktables, doing Accounting work, recruting RBTC students, etc.

It is about 1:00 a.m. now and i am finishing up this Blog update to keep RHEMA Bible Church back home and our many faithful friends and partner around the world updated on what Pastor and Mrs. Hagin are doing.
Keep them in your prayers that God will give them the strength that they need and that the coming services will change many people's lives.

Here is a list of the Miami Crusade team (Pastor always introduces everyone at the first night of the crusade)

Pastor & Mrs. Hagin
Rich King
Tim & Donna Hall
Dave Fussell
Scott Redmond
Kristen Overholt
Brooke Cook
Pamela Nathan
Brandon Thompson
Darcy Veer
Dan Taylor
Don Jordan
Nathan Roethe
David Wildman

Here are some more pictures of Day 1:
Miami Crusade - Day 1

Good night from Miami.


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mmmmm, those pankcakes look delish. Cool pictures. I like the slide show.