Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Miami Crusade Day 3

Another great day on the road. Morning service with Mrs. Hagin: The service started with an intense time of worship and you could tell the audience put into practice what Pastor taught last night on the subject of worshipping God. And prompt there were results – Mrs. Hagin did not get to her notes but instead took time to minister to individuals as well as ministers. There were several prayer lines and Ms. Lynette was fired up. Even the Crusade Team was amazed at the speed at that she was ministering. What a great time. She then took some time to teach some more. After the service Mrs. Hagin always takes time to speak to people individually and it is always a great opportunity to observe one of her greatest passions: Seeing people rise to their full potential.

After the service we all changed and took a little expedition to Bal Harbor. We got to enjoy the beach a little bit (get our pale limbs a bit tanned so our folks in Oklahoma have something to envy. LOL!)

The food around here is great. We had some seafood for lunch today. Pastor and Mrs. Hagin went to Joe’s Stone Crab – a legendary restaurant that has been there for 5 generations.

They had a good time as you can see in the picture. It’s good to see them relax, since they are some of the hardest working people I know.
On these trips it is important to find some time to relax – even if it is just a couple of hours. It helps to stay fresh for the services.

Pastor preached one of the finest messages again tonight…he spoke on “Possessing the Promised land” from the passage in the book of Joshua Chapter 1. We can learn a lot from this biblical event:
Canaan represents a lot of things in life like security, provision and safety. If we keep walking around in the wilderness like the Israelites and are not willing to come out of that “comfort zone” we will never take the promised Land. In the case of Israel an entire generation did not see the Promised Land because they never mustered up the courage to step out in Faith.
The Word of God is our Promised Land – he gave us all his promises for us to obtain – all we need to do is take God by his Word and believe what he says. Pastor showed 3 important steps to obtain the Promised Land:
1.) Be strong and courageous. The enemy will come against you, no matter what. You can’t be moved by what he throws at you. Like a football player you need to stand up against the opponent, and no matter how big he might be, tackle him!
2.) Mediate on it day and night. It is so important to make sure to constantly feed on the right things and be continually filled with God’s Word – because when the pressure is on, what will come out of your mouth?
3.) Do not be terrified and discouraged. Like the Israelites walked around the strongest city “Jericho” seven times, you need to be persistent and do what God tells you to do – no matter how “crazy” it might sound to your natural mind.

If you want to possess the Promised Land it has to be your lifestyle.

The results of these 3 steps are given in verse 3, 5 and 9:
I will give you every place that you set your foot on, no one will be able to stand against you and I will never leave you nor forsake you.

This powerful sermon was followed by a time of ministry to the sick and an alter call and a few people got filled with the Holy Ghost.

At this time, I think it is appropriate to send out a big thanks to our “home base” – the faithful employees and staff of Kenneth Hagin Ministries and Rhema Bible Church back home in Tulsa. You guys are the best. Even though you are not here with us physically, you have just as much of part in this as we do. So thanks for all your support. We love you all very much.

Again some pictures of the day.
God bless. Tomorrow is the last day already. Wow!

David W. for the entire team.

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Rosalinde said...

Great - keep up the good work! I am sure the meetings are a great blessing.

So funny to see the pictures of you, Dave. Now I finally get an insight into what the Trips around the US look like.

Miss ya - big hug to you and April!

GroverD said...

They look great wearing the lobster bibs!!