Monday, January 28, 2008

Ministering to the Lord

Have you ever focused on a problem in your life...and discovered that the more you thought and dwelled on it, you got more stressed about it and didn’t find a solution? I think we have all been there.
Tonight’s message was eye-opening in many ways. Pastor Hagin spoke on the importance of Praise and Worship, and how us focusing on the Lord instead of our problem will set us up to receive and answer from the Lord. Worship helps us to shut out the rest of the world, casting our cares on the Lord and letting Him reveal answers to us.
So the next time you are in church, and it is time to worship the Lord…look beyond just singing songs…make an effort to give the Lord your best…the best of your worship…after all it’s what we were created for…leave the rest to the Lord.

Needless to say, tonight’s service was phenomenal. Pastor Hagin did a great job teaching the basics first, and then giving everyone a chance to practice what they have been taught. We spent a lot of time in Praise & Worship and there was a sweet anointing in this place. Pastor ministered to many people and the response to the alter call was great.

Pastor said something during the sermon that even caught him by surprise, it was so good – I wrote it down: “When you get it in your spirit, you’ll never forget it”

If you want to learn more about tonight’s topic, check out this book by Pastor Hagin. It is called "The Untapped Power in Praise" Click here to find it in the RHEMA Bookstore.

Thanks for everyone’s prayers. The Team is doing well, although some miss their spouses and families at home.

Catch you all again tomorrow,

David W. for Rich, Tim, Donna, Dave, Scott, Dan, Darcy, Brooke, Pamela, Kristen, Brandon, Nathan and Don.

Good night from Miami.

Below again some pictures of tonight:

Thanks to Darcy for all the great pictures!


groovy lisa said...

you're doing a good job of capturing the essence of each meeting and allowing the reader feel like we're there.

thanks for all the crusade team for all their hard work and the sacrifices that go along with traveling. you're much appreciated.

say "hi" to any team member that knows who I am.

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Keep up the great job for the kingdom.

KowetaKids said...

Love the website and being able to see what goes on during the crusades!