Monday, January 28, 2008

Miami Crusade - Monday AM

It’s the second day of the Miami Crusade and it is Mrs. Hagin’s turn to teach about prayer and encourage the audience to grow in their prayer lives – and what a job she did at it!
In front of a good crowd (that ‘soaked up’ everything she said) she spoke on the importance of knowing your heavenly father and having a constant relationship with Him. She said that life can sometime be like a roller-coaster ride and in connection shared a funny story of when she and Pastor Hagin where on a rollercoaster at an amusement park, quite a long time ago, and she was so terrified that she forgot to breath…so Pastor had to shake her to make sure she gets through it. Well, myself, I can sympathize with her…I don’t like these rides either.
After a great sermon, Mrs. Hagin led the congregation in a time of prayer.

These morning services are everything but boring. These are life-changing times, and I encourage everyone to take some time off and come to these meetings.

Life in Miami is pretty good. Today we had 72 degrees and we enjoyed lunch at “Houston’s” restaurant in North Miami Beach. It was a great time to relax and fellowship.

Now we are getting ready to go back to church. Pray for Pastor Hagin as he is ministering the Word tonight and that God will move in a mighty way.

David Wildman for the entire Crusade Team

Here are some more pictures:

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groovy lisa said...

david, i'm so thrilled you started this blog. what a brilliant idea. now JT and I can feel like we're on the road with you guys.

i'll check the site often.

enjoy miami and the Spirit of God in manifestation!