Saturday, January 26, 2008

Trip to Miami, FL - Day1

Another year, another season of Crusades with Pastor & Mrs. Hagin.
2008 will take us all across the country, once again.

January 25, 2008. 8:00 a.m. Broken Arrow, OK
Our first stop this January is beautiful and warm Miami, FL. Our Journey there though turned out to be everything else but warm... A weather system of rain, sleet, snow and ice seemed to travel along with us and brought us our fair share of interesting travel moments. We saw lots of accidents and State Troopers, especially in Mississippi and Alabama....lot's of officers working overtime :-)
We, however were protected and we took our time...although there was one tense moment when our bus went sideways on an over iced bridge in rural Alabama...i was taking a nap in my bunk when i was awakened by loud commotion and screams of the rest of the team and i could feel the bus sliding to the right and then with one abrupt snapping back on track... Good thing we always pray for God's protection before each trip, because we know for sure that angels were helping us at that moment.
On a lighter note, we had some issues with our Satellite TV System on the bus, which kept us occupied for over 3 hours (trying different things, calling service lines, stopping in Russelville (AR) at an RV place to get help, etc.) Anyway, we got it running...eventually :-)
We had dinner at an Applebee's Restaurant in Tupelo, MS. Nathan had a gift-card he could use there. After that we kept on going...slowly...especially over bridges...
End of day 1: We made it all the way to Atlanta, GA, were we stopped at a "Cracker Barrel" Parking Lot to get a few hours of overnight sleep... It's cold and rainy outside... Good night from a parking lot in good old Georgia...

David W. and the rest of the Crusade Team

Trip to Miami, FL - Day 1

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vicblanco said...

This is a great idea Dave! Glad to hear that the crew and bus arrived safely. I choose to believe that it means God will do mighty things in Miami and the enemy was trying to stop it. Looking forward to more info. Blessings