Thursday, May 29, 2008

Paris Conference

All this week Pastor and Mrs. Hagin are ministering at the Shekinah Glory Ministries' "Paris in May" conference. Pastor Hagin spoke to the attenders about strengthening and growing their Faith. He told them they have authority as believers through the power in Jesus name. "In Him", he told them,we can be victorious in our lives.
Mrs. Hagin as she does much on the road in the U.S. ministered on "Prayer". She reminded them that prayer is the power plant for our life. When we spend time in prayer ...true revival comes!
During these days many people have come to the altar for salvation, healing, and baptism in the Holy Spirit. It is exciting to see the hunger and enthusiasm of the people of France!
Tonight we wrap up the conference and journey home tomorrow. 
Thank you for your prayers during these meetings ...God has moved in many lives here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Goodbye Italy ...Bonjour France!

We say goodbye to Italy ...but just before we did we had the chance to visit the lovely city of Venice ...thanks to our local hosts!
Venice as you might recall has the famous canals for streets. It was nice to see the history of this beautiful city. Besides the canals also the legendary traveler Marco Polo was from Venice.

Now we've traveled to Paris where Pastor and Mrs. Hagin will minister at the Shekinah Glory Ministries annual "Paris in May" Conference.
Details and pics on the way in our next blog entries's some of the scenery. The conference starts tonight and we'll have the highlights here soon.
 Au revoir!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Tonight was the final of three nights in a row that we have had a commencement service in a different country. As we flew into Italy you could see the beautiful green landscape as like that of a picture postcard. Truly magnificent!
Upon arrival our hosts, RHEMA Italy Directors Mauro and Connie Girgenti, took us to a delicious Italian lunch, complete with pasta and espresso!
Next Pastor and Mrs. Hagin along with the entire support team were off to the graduation at RHEMA Italy. 
As students marched to the platform to receive their certificates the crowd cheered and became very excited for each grad. Pictures are below. 
We look forward to a day of rest tomorrow and then on to Paris where Pastor and Mrs. Hagin will minister at the Shekinah Glory Ministries annual France meetings.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

RHEMA Austria

Hello from Austria!
Tonight the Hagins spoke to the graduates at the RHEMA Austria Commencement. Pastor Hagin encouraged the grads to "always be about your Father's business". He cited the example of Jesus as a youth. The graduates listened attentively and enthusiastically. 
Below are some pictures. The graduation was at the RHEMA facilities. It was good to see familiar faces. Longtime audio guru from RHEMA USA, Steve Wildman, now is an Associate Pastor at RHEMA Austria. 
No slowing down as we leave for RHEMA Italy tomorrow and will check in with details and pics.
gute Nacht!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

RHEMA Germany Commencement

Today Pastor and Mrs. Hagin spent time meeting and greeting RHEMA alumni at a special luncheon in Bonn. They both brought greetings from the RHEMA USA family and encouraged the alumni to keep up the excellent work they are doing in Europe. Many traveled in from neighboring cities and countries to be at the luncheon and the graduation. Total alumni were 85!
Speaking of the graduation ...
 This evening 33 graduates walked across the platform to receive their certificates! Some had come from the extension schools that are in other villages in Germany.
Pastor encouraged the grads to work hard and to follow the vision that God has given each of them!
The people of Bonn have been very hospitable and they make great pastries!
(breakfast in the square near Beethoven's birthplace and fresh coffee has been great!)
But, we say goodbye to Germany and tomorrow journey to RHEMA Austria ...
Check back soon as we make our way to the land of "hills alive with the sound of music".

Monday, May 19, 2008

Greetings from Bonn!

Greetings from Bonn, Germany! This evening Pastor and Mrs. Hagin landed in Germany where tomorrow evening they will participate in the RHEMA Germany Commencement exercises.
Also they will meet and greet over 85 alumni that will gather at a special luncheon here.
Check back for more posts and updates!
guten Abend!