Thursday, May 29, 2008

Paris Conference

All this week Pastor and Mrs. Hagin are ministering at the Shekinah Glory Ministries' "Paris in May" conference. Pastor Hagin spoke to the attenders about strengthening and growing their Faith. He told them they have authority as believers through the power in Jesus name. "In Him", he told them,we can be victorious in our lives.
Mrs. Hagin as she does much on the road in the U.S. ministered on "Prayer". She reminded them that prayer is the power plant for our life. When we spend time in prayer ...true revival comes!
During these days many people have come to the altar for salvation, healing, and baptism in the Holy Spirit. It is exciting to see the hunger and enthusiasm of the people of France!
Tonight we wrap up the conference and journey home tomorrow. 
Thank you for your prayers during these meetings ...God has moved in many lives here.

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