Thursday, May 22, 2008

RHEMA Austria

Hello from Austria!
Tonight the Hagins spoke to the graduates at the RHEMA Austria Commencement. Pastor Hagin encouraged the grads to "always be about your Father's business". He cited the example of Jesus as a youth. The graduates listened attentively and enthusiastically. 
Below are some pictures. The graduation was at the RHEMA facilities. It was good to see familiar faces. Longtime audio guru from RHEMA USA, Steve Wildman, now is an Associate Pastor at RHEMA Austria. 
No slowing down as we leave for RHEMA Italy tomorrow and will check in with details and pics.
gute Nacht!


Gari said...

Our Lord Jesus Christ instructed us to GO!
Now Rhema on the Road is the most very best thing this ministry does.
Well done and thanks for the bus i will put many buses in Zimbabwe and GO therefore preaching the word.

walsall uk

Anonymous said...

Hello brothers!!! God bless you for this wonderful work!!! I'm student from Rhema Bible Training Center Brazil. Congratulations!!!!

Edivaldo Junior, Campina Grande - Brazil.