Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday's pictures

Good morning everyone,

We are getting ready to start Tuesday's round of meetings here in Michigan.
Here a few pictures from yesterday.
Ms. Lynette started it off with a great teaching session on prayer and a time of ministry.
At night Pastor spoke on Pentecost and had several healing lines.
We also have the honor to have Mr. Charles King (Father of Rich King) with us. He ministered in song last night.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday Dedication Service

This crusade started a bit different. Sunday night Pastor Hagin had the honor to dedicate the new building of "Grace Christian Church" (Pastor Jerry & Joy Weinzierl). It was a great time of reflection to where it all started 24 years ago, praise and worship and preaching of the Word. In front of a great crowd Pastor Hagin and Pastor Weinzierl led everyone in a prayer of dedication.
This is such a wonderful congregation and it is just so exciting to see what God has done through RHEMA graduates.

Here are a few pictures of last night (Thanks, Tim)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hello from the North

Hello everyone...
it's time for the next crusade and we just arrived in Sterling Heights, MI (Detroit Metro Area). Trip was good so far. Will post some pics of setup tomorrow. We are at Pastor Jerry Weinzierl's Church and they are dedicating their new church building tomorrow night. We are looking forward to a series of great meetings.

Blog to you all later,


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Hey y'all. Tonight is a late night, so here are some pictures to tell the story (Thanks, Tim)
Like I said yesterday, absolutely AWESOME services. Pastor spoke on the Holy Spirit again. It's so important to give the Holy Spirit the room in our lives that he deserves and let him lead and guide us instead of us trying to do it all by ourselves.
Speaking in tongues is such a vital part of our Christian life (so at least it should be). Make a conscious effort to pray more in tongues... I know, I will.
Ms. Lynette did a great job this morning and she mentioned something that all of us employees can identify with: Taking the time to make a decision. She does that at RHEMA. I know some of us sometimes need approvals quickly but thank God (often we don't see that til later) she takes the time to make sure she signs the right stuff at the right time. Good advise to take.

Tomorrow is the last day and then it's back to Oklahoma. Looking forward to coming home.

Good night and enjoy the pictures.


Brandon is "digging it"

Monday, April 7, 2008

Long time no blog

Hello everyone.
Yes, we are still alive and still on the road...believe it or not.
Last time I blogged i told you about our trip to NYC.
Well, a lot has happened since:

The meetings here in West Haven, CT have been nothing but AWESOME!!!!!! So worth the trip, the long drive, being away from home...
People here are so hungry for the move of the Spirit and the Word and Pastor has been dishing it out every night. Last night started great as Pastor was talking about "Speaking to your mountain" followed by a strong healing line.
Tonight Pastor spoke on Pentecost once again (similar to last week in Illinois) and the crowd soaked it in. It was so good to see so many people turn out (especially for an area that we don't visit that often).
Ms. Lynette is awesome as always...not sticking to her notes...but that makes it even better. There are so many good things said every morning session, we can barely wait to see what she will do tomorrow.

The team is doing good. Everyone is having a good time. Tim is shooting pictures this trip and he gave me some tonight, so here they are.

Good bless all of you faithful blog readers.
Make sure you post some comments so we know you are reading. (Special thanks to 'groovy' for her comments...keep em coming).
Good night from CT.


and finally introducing.... The iBelieve Trinity...or just a really large shirt:

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Little Trip to NYC

After Illinois we traveled on to West Haven, CT for the next crusade. We arrived on Friday evening (2 days early) and so we (Nathan, April and David) decided to pay a visit to the greatest city in the World - New York City.
Here a few picture from our excursion.
As you can see we had a blast, good weather and too little time...but we made the most of it.

Grand Central Station:

First Starbucks (there are too many in NYC)

Purse section at the original "Saks Fifth Avenue"

Trumps "crib"

Jewelry anyone?

David's favorite place:

Central Park:

Lunch New York Style:

Wish i could get in:

For all insiders...This is a legendary place in NYC!

Times Square:

Springtime is here:

Rockefeller Center:

WTC site:

Wall Street:

Statue of Liberty:

We had a great time....lot's of walking, good food and friendly people everywhere.

Tomorrow it's "back to business". Setup starts at noon, service at night.

Til then...i am in a "New York state of mind" :-)