Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Hey y'all. Tonight is a late night, so here are some pictures to tell the story (Thanks, Tim)
Like I said yesterday, absolutely AWESOME services. Pastor spoke on the Holy Spirit again. It's so important to give the Holy Spirit the room in our lives that he deserves and let him lead and guide us instead of us trying to do it all by ourselves.
Speaking in tongues is such a vital part of our Christian life (so at least it should be). Make a conscious effort to pray more in tongues... I know, I will.
Ms. Lynette did a great job this morning and she mentioned something that all of us employees can identify with: Taking the time to make a decision. She does that at RHEMA. I know some of us sometimes need approvals quickly but thank God (often we don't see that til later) she takes the time to make sure she signs the right stuff at the right time. Good advise to take.

Tomorrow is the last day and then it's back to Oklahoma. Looking forward to coming home.

Good night and enjoy the pictures.


Brandon is "digging it"


amekuser said...

I'm glad they're putting an emphasis on the baptism and the working of the Holy Spirit - ver much needed in these days. Thanks for the pictures. Have a great last day!

CyberSchnook said...
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Vistonary2008 said...

I loved the Pitures can't wait until the next crusade REST WELL

groovy lisa said...

is it a sin to pick your nose in church? have brandon do a word study on that. hee hee . .

sis garrett said...

Praise the Lord everybody.
what a blessed time up here in West Haven,CT. I thank God for the Hagin Family. I was made whole and still is. I recieved confirmation about my ministry through bro. hagin. The Holy Spirit had its way in all three services i attended. Arpil 7,8,9(m-w)halleluia i'm still fired up today. Pastor Hagin keep on preaching the power of the Holy Spirit and Faith in his name. My family and I love you and your family and the family of Christ keep us in prayer for we are about to go forth in the ministry. continue on in the work of the Lord.