Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Tonight was absolutely AWESOME! Pastor rocked the house... (sorry, there is no better way to describe it).
He spoke/taught/preached on the subject of Pentecost and how important it is for this generation to keep that alive and pass it on to the next generation. He explained, with the help of examples of the past, how this generation tends to turn away from the moving of the Holy Spirit and how even "spirit-filled" churches try to put God in a box or on a schedule. The effects of doing something like this are terrible. There are churches out there that know better, but refuse to do something about it...just so "we don't offend anybody".
Pastor exhorted the people to take a hold of what has been given to us and let the Holy Spirit flow in our lives and our congregations.
Always remember that the World is looking for what we have. They expect us to be different in the first place - so why do we adapt, just in order to please them?
Personally, I like to say it that way: If someone is looking for somebody to pat him on the back, telling him that everything is going to get better one day - he can go into the next bar and will more than likely find someone to do that for him. Churches need to be different! We have the solution - let's proclaim it! Let's talk about the blood of Jesus, that washes away all sin!

If there is something that we can hear out of all messages here so far is: Put what God has given you to practice and live it like you mean it!

As you all can tell, i am pretty fired up tonight and so was most of the audience. Pastor did a GREAT JOB tonight!

Thank you Darcy for always providing such great pictures. (sure will miss you, buddy)

Good night from rainy Illinois,


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