Monday, March 31, 2008

St Joseph - Day 2

This morning was another great opportunity to take a vacation day and sit under the Word of God. Ms. Lynette did a fantastic job. She spoke on different things this morning...and they were all good. One thing that really stuck out to me was one things she mentioned about raising kids. Myself, not having any children yet, like to take note of some good advise.
Mrs. Hagin was saying that these days, parents are so consumed driving their kids from one practice to the other, from one program to the next, one event to the other... Where is family time with God in all of this? She stressed that it is so important to set time aside, eat meals together, have devotional time together... because what is imparted at a young age, will keep kids on the right path.
These morning sessions on the road are just full of "nuggets" to take away with you. I love the way Ms. Lynette illustrated biblical principles in practical ways. You do not want to miss any of these services.

Here a few pictures of this morning.

Talk to you again later,


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Anonymous said...

I am so excited reading about and viewing pictures of RHEMA on the Road. The messages obviously are life-changing. I would do anything possible to be under such an anointed atmosphere. I love RHEMA so dearly and I'm so thrilled to be part of the RHEMA family! Over here in Nigeria, Africa we need more of what RHEMA stands for: Faith teaching and the move of the Holy Ghost.