Monday, March 3, 2008

Stay focused...

After some good rest our day started at 7:00 a.m. in the morning with setting up the room for the crusade. This crusade is different from others. Meetings are held in a Hotel Ball room (Shilo Inn Suites in Pomona, CA) so we have to set everything up (incl. full sound, Booktables, etc.)
Good thing we had an early start because setup turned out to be a bit of a challenge...more so getting all of our equipment into the room... The meeting room is on the second floor and we had to get everything through narrow hallways and tiny elevators, but by the grace of God we got it all done.

The rest of the team arrived around 2:30 p.m. safely and we all had a bit of time to rest before sound-check and start of the service.

The evening service went really good! The room was packed (we had to get more chairs) and the presence of God was tangible.
The local Host church is celebrating their 25th anniversary this week so Pastor used this night to do some teaching on the subject of "staying focused on what you are called to do".
Everyone is called to do specific things - some are called to preach in the pulpit, but let's face it...most of us are called to support our leaders and Pastor in the ministry of helps...and that is by all means nothing lesser! Some tend to measure success in ministry solely on if they will ever preach in front of a crowd and at the same time miss out on what God has for them to do right now.
Like a runner will not finish first if he keeps looking to the left and right, so must we stay focused on the race that God has set before us as individuals and as a church congregation. We all need to examen ourselves consistently if we do our part in God's big picture.

At the end of the service Pastor and Mrs. Hagin had a ministry line and we saw many lives changed.

Thanks for all your prayers for the crusade team, we still have an entire week of meetings ahead and its going to be good.

Crusade Team - California 2008:
Pastor and Mrs. Hagin
Rich King
Tim Hall
Darcy Veer
Brandon Thompson
Pamela Nathen
Daniel Redmond
Kristy Redmond
Scott Redmond
David Fussell
Nathan Roethe
Dan Taylor
Ashley Collver
Kristen Overholt
Allen Isbell
April and David Wildman

Good night from California,


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