Saturday, March 29, 2008

Heading out for a long time...

Good morning from a cloudy Tulsa, OK.
We are about to get on the bus once again...this time for 14 days straight (for some of us).
This crusade trip takes us to Illinois first and then on to the Northeast.
We are looking forward to great meetings.

Keep us in your prayers for a safe travel.

The bus crew,

Nathan, April and David


groovy lisa said...

woohoo, you're heading into my part of the country. too bad we can't meet up with you guys. enjoy the trip. be safe.

Vistonary2008 said...

I love the blog I think its GREAT to have sothing like this on the web

Reatha Gooden said...

Well I sure have been missing something wonderful!!! For some strange reason, I have not been on the Rhema website recently.(shame on me). I most definitly will be on more often, especially now that I have seen Rhema on the Road. I do miss being able to be in on meetings with the Hagin's.
Trusting in Him,Reatha