Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another great day...

...on the California crusade...don't get to blog much today. The internet in my part of the hotel was a bit shaky and we did not choose the pics of the day quite yet..so here are a few pictures from yesterday that i got from Tim today (as they were traveling...)
Thanks for shooting such awesome pics, Tim.

This morning: Mrs. Hagin talked about "knowing your God" and inspired everyone to focus on the subject of prayer in a whole new way. At the end of the service there was a time of rejoicing and we feel there were a lot of breakthroughs for many people.
Tonight Pastor spoke on the subject of "Speaking to your mountain" and that we have to stay determined to hold on to our confession no matter what comes our way.

More details tomorrow.

Hope everything is well at home. There was snow in Tulsa today...but we are enjoying the 73 degree weather here... suffering for the Lord :-)


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