Sunday, March 2, 2008

Well, Day 2 of the California Tour 2008 started good. Breakfast at IHOP was tasty and the Coffee afterwards gave us the kick to go all the way to Flagstaff where we stopped for a 10 min Lunch stop (We had to catch up time).

The drive through northern Arizona is quite scenic... and then finally we reached the border to California (I managed to shoot a pic from the moving bus).
It was quite windy in the dessert so we had to hold on tight to the steering wheel...

The wording of this street sign took on a whole new meaning to us tonight - here is what happened:

As we were pulling up to the area of our Hotel in Pomona, CA we had to turn around and got the Tourbus + Trailer stuck on a slope that led up to a parking lot (The driver will not be mentioned by name here :-) )
Soon traffic was backed up on the busy street and we caused quite a scene. We were not able to move the bus back or forward so we had to call the Police Department and a Wrecker service. Thanks to great guys from both sides we came up with a solution to separate the bus and trailer. It took almost 2 hours though and fees for the wrecker....but thank God we figured it out.
Here a few pictures of the scene :-)

Anyway, now it's about 11:00 p.m. and we are safely at the Hotel.

Thanks to the host church for the welcome-bag and i am sure we will also enjoy the small TV in our bathrooms.

Tomorrow will be an early start. We have to setup and entire Hotel Ball room.
Will update you tomorrow,

Good night from all of us (Allen, Pamela, Brandon, Nathan, April and David)

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amekuser said...

haha - I did that once - in Mississippi... Keep your chin up! ;)