Thursday, March 6, 2008

Suffering for the Lord :-)

Well, this one is going to make some people back home in Tulsa (there is snow in the forecast) mad, but....
This afternoon we took a drive down to San Diego and paid a visit to the beach. We stuck our feet in the warm sand and had some great seafood. Thanks to Todd and Marie Adams that played tour-guide and showed us some good places.

Don't be fooled, Life on the road is not always like that... but to relax for an hour and re-energize sure does good.
Now we are back at the Hotel getting ready to run back to church...

Here a few pics from this afternoon.

By the way, we are back at the Hotel again getting ready to walk out the door to the evening service.


M said...

Stumbled in and just saying hello! Those are lovely photos. Have a wonderful trip.

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GroverD said...

Ahh ...sunshine.
Bring the warm weather back with you please!

groovy lisa said...

great photos ops. who's brandon hugging?