Sunday, June 8, 2008

Creating your World...

The Virginia crusade got off to a great start tonight. Pastor Hagin spoke about "creating the World you want to live in" and admonished the congregation to put words behind their faith and speak things into existence. Right now a lot of us experience severe weather. In Oklahoma we had our fair share of Tornados, etc. (and I wonder if the current heat-wave up here in VA would count as severe ;-) ) it is important to understand our authority that we have and speak against the storm. We have authority over our properties and we need to take our stand.

The worship team did a very good job tonight and people really got into it. At the introduction of the team, the line-up of the singers looked more like a Wedding party at the ceremony :-). We thought that was pretty funny.

Looking forward to tomorrow. I am sure Mrs. Hagin will have a powerful teaching session on prayer again. And we will hopefully get the bus air-condition fixed as's supposed to be a 100 F.

Now we are all back at the hotel and it's time to relax...that is if you get in the room. Part of team got stuck in the elevator. I think the food the church gave us tonight was too good :-)

Good night from the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Rich getting into it :-)

The Team Line-up

Pastor preaching.

Picture in the church.

Stuck in the elevator.

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