Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh, what a Night...

Good evening, RHEMA on the Road readers,

first of all thanks for reading the blog so faithfully, so please comment on it once in a while, so we know you read it. If nothing else, do it for me... :-)
Today was another great day on the crusade trail. Ms. Lynette was teaching how important it is to have a relationship with your heavenly father and to read the bible - our instruction book. Guys don't like the read instructions and according to Ms. Lynette, Women have sometimes a hard time understanding them, which makes for interesting new-item-assembly projects.

We have fun on the road and this blog has a lot of pictures (Thanks to Julia) to show you a glimpse of our day.

For those who wonder what is up with our Tour-bus. It was repaired tonight and we are picking it up in the morning. At least it should be fixed enough to get us back to Tulsa.

Tonight's service was absolutely fantastic. Pastor continued his teaching on the Holy Ghost and gave an in-depth look on how the Holy Spirit came in and upon people through history and what privilege we as spirit-filled Christians have to have him reside within us.
At the end of the service he prayed for ministers for a fresh anointing and then he did something he has never done before: prayed for the entire congregation and the team. The anointing was so strong: we laughed, ran and shouted. It was simply great. Lots of lives were changed tonight and you could feel it in the air.

Tomorrow is the last day on this tour-stop :-( but we are happy to go back home.

We are sending our love to all of you RHEMA people out there.

Good night,

David (for the entire team)

P.S.: Another first for Pastor - he sang a sample of :Oh, what a savior..." It was great... you had to be there.

Ms. Lynette teaching in the morning.

Attentive audience.

Julia, Ashley and April

Pamela recruiting.

Christina praying on her phone...outside the prayer room :-)

Alumni Luncheon.

D-dub and his ride.

The crew riding the short bus :-)

Allergies anyone?


Willy, Christy and JoeDavid

Pictures of you, Pictures of me...

Captain D.

Pastor teaching

Good crowd

The service got wild

Pastor is doing such a great job


aarontinsley said...


Hello from Staunton! My name is Aaron and I go to Victory Worship and just wanted to say hi and that I have been on the "Rhema on the Road" many times and enjoy seeing where you guys have been this year and all the great things that are going on. We are SO GLAD to have you here and hope that your stay so far has been a good one and that our church has made you feel at home and welcome. The services have been awesome especially the one last night. That was AMAZING!
Just wanted to drop a line and say hi. Oh, and a side note to a previous post, I told my mother-in-law (she made dinner for you guys Sunday night) that you really enjoyed it which made her happy because she was concerned that it didn't turn out the way she wanted.
Thanks again so much for coming and be blessed in everything you do.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,
My name is Adrian. I am originally from Europe, but now I am living in the US. I am a friend of Rhema and have been for the past 15 years. It was encouraging to see the new life and energy on this web site. I think it demonstrates spiritual renewal and continuity into another era of ministry with KHM and Rhema. It is a great way to serve the Lord - through traveling, singing, preaching, recruiting, prayer and one on one ministry of encouragement. I, too, have done it for many years. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all your work for the Lord.

Your Friend,

Anonymous said...

I guess I am a bit late, but still here is another comment for you, big bro. :) Good to see you guys are having some fun, while doing such good work...keep it up!
Hey Dave, the picture of you driving the bus reminded me that, when we were kids you always wanted to play "driving the school bus" and I was the passenger... seems like God has fulfilled your childhood dreams, hm? ;)
Missing you and April

The Choir said...

Thanks for keeping us in the loop!