Monday, June 9, 2008

Preaching a hot hell....

Hello everyone,
you might wonder about the title of this blog-entry. Could it be inspired by the current heat-weave we find ourselves in right now here in the Northeast? Or is it taken from Pastor's fiery message tonight? The later is the case, although the other one applies :-)
The day started good as always we Ms. Lynette admonishing the congregation to step it up in their prayer lives. As a team we always enjoy these services, since we always seem to take away something new.
Pastor "rocked the house" again tonight by preaching/teaching on the subject of pentecost (like he has done quite a bit recently). It is such an important issue to make sure that every generation hears this important message about giving the Holy Ghost the room he deserves in our lives and that speaking in tongues is the manifestation of being filled with the Holy Ghost. It was great to see Pastor laying on hands on a bunch of people to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit and all of them started speaking right away.
The church here is very nice and the people are great. We want to shoot out a thank you to the staff here for taking so good care of us.

Tomorrow - another (hot) day and more to share.

God bless,

P.S.: by the way, the title refers to Pastor saying that we need to preach a hot hell to people to "scare the hell out of them" :-)
Thought that was pretty good.

Ms. Lynette teaching.

Pastor Monday night.

Attentive listeners.

The Audio guys...

Here comes Willy....

Hands up, or else...

The King Boys

From yesterday: Picture from inside the stuck elevator. Brandon is calling for help :-)

Here is exclusive Video footage from inside the elevator that just showed up today (thanks, Julia). Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Everyone looks so happy. It's a wonderful thing. Just wanted to say it was nice to see smiling faces. God bless. Christina